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Neha Dar - Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hello Everyone,

We have been noticing the trend for large pieces of Jewelry and not to be outdone we have brought some of our own pieces in. But while we like to stay with trend, we also like to do things a little differently. more

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This is our version of the “Manager’s Special”. Every month based on season, demand, customer reaction to a new product, we nominate an Item of the Month. These are the items that fly off of our shelves faster than anything else. We also mark things on sale to make room for new inventory and stock. Here you will always find good deals, and if you have an extra long holiday shopping list, this is your opportunity to buy our exclusive range and skip the holiday rush.

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Welcome to our website!  Here you will find some of the most exclusive, hand crafted, one of a kind items for your personal and gift giving needs.  We travel all over India, work with local artisans, many of them struggling to keep their art alive.  We showcase arts and crafts from all regions of our amazing country and we hope you will love them as much as we do.

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